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What is the Next Steps programme?

Next Steps is your pathway to growth. Next Steps is a wonderful journey and consists of four steps run over three weeks. Progress on the pathway as you learn about C3, growing in God, discovering who you are and how to live a purposeful life.

Three steps over three weeks

Next Steps happens every second month and coincides with the each week of the month. You can jump in and start at any stage, but you need to complete weeks one and two before completing week three. You don't have to complete all the steps in a single month so if it takes you a while that's ok!

Step One: Make C3 Home  

Hear about what we believe, our story, our vision as a church and our heart for you. Most importantly, you will have an opportunity to make C3 home.

Step Two: Discover You  

Dive into your unique design. Discover you passions, abilities, personalities and gifts. See how your design reveals your purpose in life and your best fit in church.


Step Three: Make a Difference  

Identify how you are called to make a difference in the church, community and marketplace. Learn about the opportunities available to use your God-given gifts in a team at C3 Church.

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