What is the Dream Team?

The Dream Team is a group of incredible people that have discovered their gifts and passions and are actively serving in them. It takes an army of people working together to make church happen. There are lots of opportunities to join our Dream Team and to be a part of building God's church.

Join the Dream Team

Take the next step in joining the Dream Team by getting started on Next Steps. Next Steps is designed to equip you to live life as a fully-devoted follower of Christ—from learning the essentials of our faith to discovering and fulfilling your God-given purpose. The Dream Team and their families meet with our Pastors for breakfast, worship and vision sharing on the first Sunday of each odd month. What better way to start your Sunday than with top coffee, fresh pastries and hanging with our pastors and other like minded people. Pastors Rachel & Jono talk about the Dream Team constantly from the stage.  Once a year, the church throws a big, church-wide, Dream Team appreciation event!


There is room for everyone. Our mission is to help people find Jesus and fulfil their God-given purpose, and our Dream Team helps makes that happen.


Every one of us is created unique. We are wired differently – with different passions, personalities, abilities and gifts. God has made us that way. He made us that way for a purpose because He wants each one of us to be effective servants for Him and His church.


There is a team that is a fit for every person’s personality, giftings and passions. If you want help finding out what your gifts are, or what the teams are that match them, check out Next Steps sessions 2 & 3 that are designed to help with exactly that. 


Whatever team you sign up for – we will make sure you will be trained and shown the ropes.  Just keep in mind that some teams you can start training straight away, while others have some conditions you will need to fulfil in order to serve (e.g. our kids team requires Police clearance and complete Child Protection Training before you can go on the roster).




WELCOME TEAM - This team is for friendly, outgoing people who love to make people feel welcome at Sunday services.


CAFÉ TEAM - If you’re a coffee lover, we’re always looking for baristas. If you’re good with coffee, food, customer service, or are happy to help out in the kitchen, then the Cafe Team is for you.


SERVICES TEAM - Are you organised and have an eye for detail? Our services team are atmosphere architects that unite our Sunday teams together; communicating and coordinating plans and details to ensure that our services run smoothly with excellence.




C3 KIDS TEAM - There are many varied opportunities to help raise spiritual champions in C3 Kids. Come and help us minister to our children through worship, prayer, fun games, activities & teaching. C3 Kids Team Members will need to gain Police clearance and complete Child Protection Training.


C3 YOUTH TEAM - We are passionate about seeing young people won for Christ, find their purpose and to see their lives transformed! This is a team that volunteers to help make our Friday Night C3 Youth Program run great by serving in practical tasks like setting up, packing down, stewards, café team and more! Come be a part of the exciting things God is doing in our Youth Ministry and help us change the world! C3 Youth Team members will need to gain Police clearance and complete Child Protection Training.



MULTIMEDIA TEAM - The Multimedia team are passionate about video and lighting! If you can multitask without getting your peripherals in a twist, then this is the team for you. Practical tasks include adjusting lighting and projecting words, announcements and video during services.  


SOUND TEAM - The sound team creates an atmosphere in every service that takes people into the presence of God. If you have an ear for music, then this could be the team for you.


WORSHIP TEAM - This team is for musicians and singers who love to worship and help people enter into the presence of God. Those applying for this team will be contacted regarding an audition.




ADMINSTRATION TEAM - The admin team makes church work! If you are available during the week and can help practically around the office, then the Administration Team has a place for you.


FACILITIES TEAM - If you’ve ever been referred to as “Tim the Toolman” or “Bob the Builder”, this is a great team for you. Practical tasks include fixing things, building facelifts, extreme makeovers and just making things work well.



PRAYER TEAM - This team meets weekly to pray together for our Pastors & the Vision of our church. It’s a group of fired-up prayer warriors.


YES TEAM - This team is integral in helping our New Christians start their journey with God. They assist with altar calls, follow-up and encouraging our New Christians.

CONNECT GROUP LEADERS TEAM - Connect Groups are the heartbeat of our church. The best way to become a Connect Group leader is by getting involved with an existing group.




C3 CARES TEAM - If you have a heart to help people in our church and community then this is the team for you. Volunteers are needed for a wide range of tasks, such as making meals, gardening, cleaning, repairs, mowing, event participation, family support and advocacy. Whatever it takes to shine God’s love into the lives of the members of our church and community during their time of need.